Debt Market Benefits of Listing on MSE
There are significant benefits of listing debt securities on the MSE including:

Access to large pools of capital
A public issuance of debt securities provides issuers with access to large pools of funds through the numerous investors who invest in listed instruments. This is as opposed to private placements which limit the number and variety of investors the issuing party can reach.

Efficient way to raise capital
Listing debt securities on the stock market also provides an efficient way to raise capital due to the low cost of raising capital achieved through public listing compared to private placements.

Enhanced visibility and company profile
Listing generates publicity for the listed companies by making their products known to a wider group of potential customers.

Listing on a stock market increases your company's external and internal profile. It can enhance the view that investors, shareholders and other stakeholders have of your company, its ambitions and the way in which it meets its obligations and adheres to regulatory requirements.

Increased liquidity
The liquidity created by listing debt securities enables companies to raise long term debt securities as individual investors may exit when they require cash flow. Listed debt securities therefore are issued at a lower interest rate as liquidity risk is significantly reduced.

Professional and dedicated team to assist you in the listing process
We at MSE are aware of the challenging time pressures under which issuers and their advisers have to operate. As such we make sure that debt securities documentation is reviewed quickly and that the documents are promptly allocated and comments are returned within the shortest time frame.

Well regulated secondary trading
All transactions in listed debt securities are conducted in a manner that is consistent with the MSE Listing Requirements. All transactions in debt securities are monitored by both the MSE and RBM to prevent unfair trade practices. This therefore improves the confidence of small investors to invest in listed debt securities.

Improved price discovery
We use the Automated Trading System to input buy and sell orders on listed securities. This improves price discovery.